Church, we need to wake up to the climate crisis

You always take a risk with the weather at the New Wine summer conference. About 10,000 of us gather for a week of Christian worship and teaching on a borrowed agricultural showground, most of us sleeping under canvas and pretty much at the mercy of the elements.

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Giving up the day job

Hello, long-forgotten blog…

I’ve made this excuse before – but when life is at its most bloggable, blogging is exactly what I don’t have time for. My life has entered an unexpectedly rich and exciting phase over the last few months and that’s why I’ve gone quiet. I’ll try to condense it into a post that isn’t too long.

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We’ve sorted out smoking. Why not cars?

One of the best things about being a campaigner is when someone notices your efforts – and gives you something nice and shiny with your name on it.

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Playing out – it still rocks


It’s been a miserable winter for our monthly play street sessions, with a couple cancelled due to the weather and another when the kids only lasted outdoors for an hour. We also wondered if, weather aside, playing out on our street might be ‘running out of steam’, as one neighbour put it. Those of us who had young kids when it started in earnest four years ago now have kids who have grown out of it, or are just about to. Continue reading

Kids, actually

I’m relatively new to Twitter, and most of my tweets get (and deserve) very little attention. I’m happy if I get a handful of likes, and retweets are unexpected. But a couple of my recent tweets have gone out of control.

This one was retweeted over 240 times:

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