Small victories


Not making any impression on the scales

This tiny bird avoided certain death by running through the gap under the closed bathroom door (bathroom is mid-renovation as you can see) while the lodger was in there, leaving the cat gnashing its teeth on the other side. We released it outside and it turned out to be a competent flier, so no need for the wildlife rescue centre this time. Anyone know what it is, by the way?

The baby robin (I think) that I found downstairs about an hour later, still warm, was not so lucky. Still, this season the wildlife is winning 2-1 versus the cat…

And then, oh joy! I found one of these, newly cemented into the pavement on our high street.20140523-230147.jpg

Apparently it’s the second one to appear. I don’t know if they are being installed by elves overnight, or if the council is rolling out the Mini Holland cycling scheme by stealth, but it looks promising.


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