Two-castle Christmas

We don’t usually frequent castles, though I do keep hoping to find a deal on the back of a Fruit ‘N’ Fibre packet that will make a family visit to the Tower of London affordable…This Christmas, however, we got lucky.

Duns Castle

Our Christmas accommodation (was a small cottage in the grounds of this castle)

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We are stronger

We woke up on Tuesday morning to find that our road was closed off by police – someone had apparently been assaulted on the street the night before. There were several forensic types in plastic overalls hanging around for hours, examining the bit of cordoned-off pavement where the assault took place. Continue reading

Goodwill to all neighbours…


Tarmac nativity

Last Sunday we had what has become an annual event on our street – a spot of carol singing followed by more than a spot of mulled wine. (Okay, I made 12 litres. Oops.)

A neighbour suggested it three years ago. I was enchanted by the idea of what she called ‘bellowing in the street’, and realised that I have only once seen a group of carol singers out on the streets in the local suburbia (and that was up in the next postcode where they are all quite posh white and English). Three years later, I can’t seem to stop organising it.

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