Katie Cycles to School

My cycle-tastic sister, not content with organising the thousands-strong ‘Pedal on Parliament’ in Edinburgh each year, is the brains behind this nifty little animation:

…which says it all, really. Cycling is not just for aggressive middle-aged men in Lycra, it’s for everyone. If you make roads safe for anyone to cycle on – starting with Katie who just wants to ride her bike to school – the benefits are so far-reaching they even affect the people who never get on a bike. We might not all cycle, but we all breathe, and the air is cleaner where less people drive. And the traffic is better for those who do drive. And so on and so on.

If you read Pedal on Parliament’s manifesto you’ll see it makes sense in any country, not just Scotland. In fact I’ve posted this animation in a few places where it might be seen by the local shopkeepers who oppose cycle lanes on our high street. Maybe Katie will win them over…

Oh, and if you do live in Scotland, you’ll want to be in Edinburgh on 25th April, preferably pedalling something.


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