From the suburbs to the centre of London

This week – before it reached 33C but probably wasn’t far off 30 – I had to be in the centre of town for a meeting. I dithered about my mode of transport for almost a minute before deciding to cycle. The tube would have been unbearable, and anyway I was up for an adventure. Continue reading

Pride and petrification

Our tandem transformed the school run, because I could take the 8-year-old Cutester on any road I feel confident to cycle on myself, without fearing for her safety. (You have to be pretty confident to ride the 1.7 mile route to her school, on roads designed to terrify anyone who dares to travel outside a car.)

It’s been working really well and I didn’t envisage any change of plan for the foreseeable future until…

“Mummy, can I ride my own bike to school next week?”


The school run until three weeks ago (balloons optional)

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A bit of cycology

Enfield’s cycle infrastructure is coming along nicely in the form of bike lanes, re-modelled junctions and better public realm along the A105. Since this road – also known as Green Lanes, Ridge Avenue and London Road depending on which bit you’re on – connects my own street to Enfield Town, I cycle up and down it at least once a week. Watching it take shape is fascinating. Continue reading