Going free range

Meitivs on TV

This blog post is about experimenting with childhood freedom – and how not to do it with other people’s kids. Continue reading


I’ve found a use for the car

Handy on-street storage


It looks like scooters are becoming (literally) the way to go, as far as we’re concerned. I’m still hoping we’ll become a get-everywhere-by-bike family: that the children will build their stamina, that cycling will get safer around here thanks to the Mini-Holland scheme – and that one day we’ll wake up to find that the cycle elves (who have been busy again, providing more cycle parking on the high street) have levelled the hill the children’s school is built on. In the meantime, when we’re not bussing it to school we’re mainly scooting. Continue reading

All played out

Finn on play street

Just trying to read the body language – is he enjoying himself?

On Sunday, we finally saw the fruition of eighteen months of door-knocking, emailing, meetings on the street, meetings at the council, a public shouting match at the local theatre and finally a street ballot: we closed the road to traffic and let the children play out! Woo hoo!!

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