Well, so far I am a huge fan of Pokémon Go. Who would have thought that a screen-based game could generate so much active travel?  Continue reading

I’ve found a use for the car

Handy on-street storage


It looks like scooters are becoming (literally) the way to go, as far as we’re concerned. I’m still hoping we’ll become a get-everywhere-by-bike family: that the children will build their stamina, that cycling will get safer around here thanks to the Mini-Holland scheme – and that one day we’ll wake up to find that the cycle elves (who have been busy again, providing more cycle parking on the high street) have levelled the hill the children’s school is built on. In the meantime, when we’re not bussing it to school we’re mainly scooting. Continue reading

Day Four: Space for cycling*


Begging for a cycle lane? – Photo by Town Mouse

Getting the bus to school is working well for us. By this I mean that we can leave the house ten minutes before school starts (never the intention, but often the reality), tear down the street, and cross the main road right in front of the bus so that it can’t move off until we’ve boarded it. We’re usually about two minutes late for school but nobody’s mentioned it yet.

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