Hats off for Glasgow’s Duke of Wellington

Here is Glasgow’s very own Duke of Wellington.

Duke of Wellington

This  particular cone is probably due for replacement

That is a traffic cone on his head, yes. Continue reading


Day Four: Space for cycling*


Begging for a cycle lane? – Photo by Town Mouse

Getting the bus to school is working well for us. By this I mean that we can leave the house ten minutes before school starts (never the intention, but often the reality), tear down the street, and cross the main road right in front of the bus so that it can’t move off until we’ve boarded it. We’re usually about two minutes late for school but nobody’s mentioned it yet.

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Day Three: A car is not a wheelbarrow

Rope in a wheelbarrow


Our street’s tug-of-war rope (every street has one, right?) is needed for the church weekend away. Could I drop it at a friend’s house so it can be packed into the minibus?

Er – yes…without using the car. I should add that the friend’s house is at most ten minutes’ walk away, but seriously, check out the size of that rope. Just as well I had a device in the garden that offers a zero-carbon rope transportation option, known as a ‘wheelbarrow’.  Continue reading