The end is nigh

So, the Cutester is now 9.

Ffion 9 birthday cake

I know from previous experience, in the form of her older sister, that there is a vast gulf between 8 and 9. The truth was forced on me when I took the Redster to H&M Kids just after she’d turned 9 herself, and we found the shop divided into 0-8s … and 9-14s. I had to walk past all the Hello Kitty nighties and stripy tights and buy my little girl clothes from the teenage section. I was traumatised.
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So long, and thanks for the molars

The Redster has just had four adult molars extracted at University College Hospital under general anaesthetic. I write this sitting next to her trolley/bed while she plays Minecraft on my laptop, with remarkable concentration for someone who was unconscious less than 30 minutes ago. Continue reading